"He worked six days a week, his friends said, often in 12-hour shifts. Mr. Wang quickly fell into a grueling routine, his life pared down to its simplest components..."

Bus Crash in the Bronx Ends a Man's Fight for His Family
New York Times
by Kirk Semple and Jeffrey E. Singer
March 21, 2011

Earlier this month, 15 persons were killed when their bus overturned on I-95. The bus was traveling from Connecticut's Mohegan Sun casino to New York City's Chinatown. Many of the passengers were Chinese immigrants.

The New York Times published an article about the life of one of the passengers, Mr. Wang Jianhua. Wang emigrated from China in 2008, and had been working "six days a week...often in 12-hour shifts" to pay off his snakehead debt, and support his wife and children in China.

"Juliet", a Chinese youth interviewed last year, described her own working life with the same words that Semple and Singer used to describe Wang's in their article:

"work, eat, sleep, work, eat sleep."

Juliet was able to leave the restaurant circuit, however, countless others are less fortunate.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families of this terrible accident, as well as with those persons working in similar conditions across the country.

Click here to read the complete New York Times article.

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