Thanks very much to ARTIVIST Film Festival and everyone who came out for the West Coast Premiere last Saturday.  It's been an exciting couple of weeks, with back to back screenings in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as with launching Walking Merchandise online. If you weren't able to make it to either screening, we of course encourage you to watch the film in its entirety here.
The screening was followed by a Q&A session, moderated by ARTIVIST. There were a lot of great questions, and we were lucky that Julie To and Jason Pu - lawyers who were featured in the film for their work with trafficked children - were in the audience and able to join us on stage for the conversation.

As often happens during many of our screenings or conversations about the film, the question of "What can I do?" came up. We love hearing this question, because it means that people want to tackle this issue. But unlike documentaries about global warming or green food production, the answer isn't as straightforward as "turn off the lights when you leave the room" or "eat more organic food."  It's tough to pin down a single step that people can take in day to day life that will combat international human trafficking.

But this does not mean you aren't a crucial part of the equation.

You are.

If you are moved by what you see, please check out the Help page, and consider donating or volunteering with one of the wonderful organizations working on this issue. Their expert knowledge and familiarity with these children's struggles, combined with your help and support, can make lasting positive change in these children's lives.

ARTIVIST is a film festival focused on human rights issues, and is an official NGO member of the United Nations Department of Information.
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