This past Saturday, we gave a presentation at the Church Center for the United Nations for a United Methodist Women seminar on human trafficking. United Methodist Women is a faith based group of approximately 800,000 members, whose mission is "fostering spiritual growth, developing leaders and advocating for justice" (UMW website).

On a regular basis, members attend United Methodist Seminars on National and International Affairs in both New York City and Washington, D.C. The seminars explore topics selected by the participants from among a range of social justice issues, such as poverty, immigration, and the environment. The participants for this past weekend's seminar came from churches in New York and Connecticut, and had expressed interest in learning more about human trafficking.

As part of our presentation, we showed the trailer and selected interview excerpts, and provided an overview of the snakehead trade. The presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session that revolved around both questions of how this system of trafficking works, and how individuals could make a difference in the lives of these young persons.

It was a great privilege to talk with this group of persons truly committed to taking action, and effecting positive change in the world. We're extremely thankful for their time it speaking with us, and for Seminar Designer Jay Godfrey's work in bringing us in to participate.
5/1/2013 09:29:38 pm

The services that the UNO led for women and their security is very impressive. The seminar for United Methodist Women on human trafficking is an example for that. The post that you given above gives the whole story and thank you for sharing it.

8/13/2013 06:59:39 pm

Early Methodists were drawn from all levels of society, including the aristocracy, but the Methodist preachers took the message to labourers and criminals who tended to be left outside organized religion at that time. Thanks for sharing.

9/25/2013 08:43:50 pm

Can you please share the video of the conference. I would like to thank you for taking initiative to have seminar such an important topic to be looked after.

10/8/2013 07:55:27 am

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