Among the best outcomes of this project so far have been the connections that we have been able to make with, and at times among, persons who are working to advocate for and/or represent the children who have been smuggled and trafficked here from China.

Last summer, attorney Julie To contacted us to ask about screening the film for a call-for-volunteers event with the Asian Pacific American Bar Association and Kids in Need of Defense. While we had not yet completed filming, we were able to send along a set of clips for the event. We kept in touch, and in January, we interviewed Julie and other persons working on these issues in Los Angeles.

Julie is one of many lawyers in the United States that are representing immigrant minors through KIND on a pro bono basis. Like many others, she juggles a committed full-time work schedule with the demands of working a complex immigration case. It's not an easy task, but through efforts like this throughout the country, differences are being made in the lives of children who have come unaccompanied to the United States.

For the children trafficked from China, legal permission to remain in the United States presents an opportunity for them to step out of the shadows of the restaurant circuit, get an education, and ultimately, contribute to the society that has given them a fighting chance.

In the following video, Julie discusses some of the personal challenges involved in working these cases, and her own hopes for her client's future in the United States.

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