The "story wall" has grown since late March, with each added card representing another interview excerpt, b-roll shot or graphic.

The photo included here is as much for blogging and facebook purposes as it is for our own records- should, for whatever reason, all the cards fall off the wall, there's enough detail in the photo to tell us what went where.


As of today, we've completed an initial first pass, but there's still about a week's worth of work to be done in developing various sections.
The information posted on the wall will be typed up into a script format. This will then be the blueprint for the rough assembly edit.

Over the past year, we'd approached structuring the film number of different ways, from an essay-like structure explaining each aspect of the snakehead trade and the young persons' lives once they arrived, to a more sparse outline with brief examples and discussions of each point.

We found that our preferred approach is to hone in our focus to follow the stories of the children, from their home life in China, to their journeys across the world, to their life in the United States and hopes for the future. Complemented by the conversations we had with their lawyers, advocates, and with experts in the field, we believe this provides the most thorough picture of this story, and the challenges that these children face.

After reviewing all of the footage, we've started to build the framework for what will eventually be the "script" of the documentary. 
All the way to the left, on the white cards, are the headers for the various sections of the film in order (up to down). Right of each section is a sequence of index cards representing segments of interviews in the order that we plan to cut them into the film (the order only, of course, as it had been determined at time of this writing). Under some of the cards are slips of blue index cards, with descriptions of B-Roll, graphics, or archival footage that we would like to play under the interview segments. It's been a long road in getting here, but we hope to get this board filled in the next few weeks, and then move into editing.

We went down to D.C. to interview Patrick Radden Keefe, author of The Snakehead, and film some b-roll of the Capitol.  After a long bus ride down to D.C., we broke up into two groups and started filming parts of the Mall.  We met Patrick at his office at 2pm, and were wrapped by 5pm - just enough time to squeeze in some shots of the White House.  Much to our disappointment, we were met by an uninformed police officer at the White House who told us we could not take photos or video of the iconic back side of the White House.  After walking all the way around to the front, another Officer told us that our previous informant was indeed wrong, and that we should have been able to take photos.  With time running out, we settled for the front and then high-tailed it to the bus depot for another long bus ride back to NYC.  All in all a pretty great day and a fantastic interview!

Behind the scenes photos after the break.