Juliet was brought to America to work and send money home to her family when she was 14 years old. Listen to excerpts of an interview with Juliet to hear why she left China, what it’s like working in restaurants at 14 years old, and what the living conditions are like.
We went down to D.C. to interview Patrick Radden Keefe, author of The Snakehead, and film some b-roll of the Capitol.  After a long bus ride down to D.C., we broke up into two groups and started filming parts of the Mall.  We met Patrick at his office at 2pm, and were wrapped by 5pm - just enough time to squeeze in some shots of the White House.  Much to our disappointment, we were met by an uninformed police officer at the White House who told us we could not take photos or video of the iconic back side of the White House.  After walking all the way around to the front, another Officer told us that our previous informant was indeed wrong, and that we should have been able to take photos.  With time running out, we settled for the front and then high-tailed it to the bus depot for another long bus ride back to NYC.  All in all a pretty great day and a fantastic interview!

Behind the scenes photos after the break.